How to Get Your Music Covers Noticed on Youtube?

Everyone who posts content on YouTube hopes that their videos will gain viewership and popularity. Here are some of the things to consider if you want your music covers to get noticed:

1. Originality

Be original. This means that your content should have a unique aspect to it and that you are not just trying to copy the original song. People have already watched the original song so they want a different feel and taste to it.

2. Advertise Your Music Videos on Social Media Platforms

Share your music covers on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This way you get to reach more people. Additionally, share the links to your videos with your family members and friends and ask them to also share.

3. Use Attractive Thumbnails

The thumbnail is the first thing people will see even before clicking the video so you have to make it stand out. Be creative as you come up with an appropriate thumbnail for your video

4. Consistency

Be consistent in posting your videos. Consistency is key to everything, the more you post the more people get hooked to your channel, and that way you will have many subscribers and viewers

5. Learn from Others

Get ideas from other you tubers who do music covers. You can do this by watching their channels. Ask for advice from other people who have gone before you in that area, as mentorship can be beneficial. Be teachable and willing to learn new things

6. Quality

You can never overemphasize the power of good quality videos. No one wants to be straining while they are watching a YouTube video. For the best quality record with 720p or 1080p. Apart from the video, the audio quality is very important. It is always worth investing in a good microphone

7. Promote Your Videos

Take advantage of YouTube advertising to promote your videos. This will make your videos reach a larger audience. You could also get an account with Google Ads.

8. Post Teasers

Share teasers and behind-the-scenes of your music cover videos on all your social media platforms. This way you make your content fun and relatable hence attract people to your channel.

9. Choose the Right Songs

The song choice is very important when it comes to doing music covers. As a musician, it is important to embrace the songs that can bring the best out of your voice and personality.

10. Just Do it

Even if you do not meet all the requirements listed above, just start – if you have not yet already. Rome was not built in a day. Patience is a virtue and the more you are consistent and excellent, the more you get views, comments, and subscribers.

In conclusion, getting more attention on YouTube is not an uphill task. You only need to be aggressive in applying the above tips to stand out. Do not forget to let your personality shine through as it will make your content more fun and relatable. Cheers!

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