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How to Become a Great Lead Singer?

So you want to become a great lead singer? You’re at the right place! Being a great lead singer isn’t just about singing, you will need to have other skills too.

Here are some tips to becoming a great lead singer:

  1. Take the lead in your band
  2. Find your style
  3. Constantly improving your singing
  4. Build a great team

Want to take a deeper look at each of the tips? Let’s go!

Take the lead in your band

In most bands, the lead singer may be the most important piece of a band. This is because when we’re talking about modern songs if we change the lead singer, the overall direction and image of the band will change completely. Whether it’s the singer’s singing style or the unique tone of his or her voice, the lead singer is an irreplaceable piece.

Although the lead singer has to be a great team player, he or she needs to lead the band by making major decisions.

So if you want to be the lead singer in your band, you need to be a good leader. Communicate with your band members, organize rehearsals, delegate tasks, and decide the focus of the band. If done well, the future of the band can be amazing!

Find your style

The choice of songs played by a band usually depends on the lead singer’s style. If the singer’s voice shines when singing rock, the band should write and play rock songs. That can generate success much more quickly.

If the other band members pick songs that don’t match the singer’s style, not only the songs can’t be performed to their full potential, but the audience may be left confused as well.

For example, if the lead singer’s voice is soft, maybe slow rock or ballad are much more suitable genres than punk rock or metal.

Every singer has a unique style. If you haven’t found yours yet, don’t worry. It’s never too late to explore your own voice!

Have you had the chance to try out different genres of songs? Many singers only sing what they like to listen to, and that’s not a bad thing. But there’s a chance that you haven’t found the best genre for your voice, and you may turn out to love that genre!

Ask your band members what kinds of songs they like, and try them out. You don’t have to commit to those songs in your performances if you don’t want to. But the process will help you find your style due to the exposure to a wide range of music genres.

Also, different genres have different singing techniques. You may find some intriguing, and add those singing techniques into your arsenal. After a while, those styles can combine and become your own unique style that no other singer has.

Constantly improving your singing

One essential part of being a lead singer is to constantly grow as a singer, and this is often overlooked. If the lead singer’s singing has improved, there are much more opportunities available.

For example, if a gig needs several songs that have a wide singing range, and the lead singer is able to sing those songs, the band will be able to take up the gig, hence gaining not only money but performing experience.

If you want to become a lead singer, below are some ways to improve your singing.

Have a correct singing posture

Singing with the correct posture is very important. Your voice will sound much better while avoiding potential damage to your vocal cords.

To have a correct singing posture, you should:

  • Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, with one foot slightly in front of the other. This ensures you’re in a balanced stance.
  • Slightly bend your knees, and your legs should be rather relaxed.
  • Keep your body straight while relaxed. When you breathe, your diaphragm should be able to expand and contract freely.
  • Keep both of your arms at your sides. Your hands should be open and relaxed. Leave a slight gap between your hands and your body, and stay relaxed.
  • For your chest, keep it high, and your shoulders should be down and relaxed.
  • Keep your head straight, looking straight ahead, and have your chin parallel to the ground. Lean your chin slightly backward, so that your neck is actually straight.

Breathe correctly

Other than singing posture, breathing is another essential piece of singing well.

Here’s a breathing exercise you can do to improve your control on breathing:

  • Place your hand slightly above your stomach. This is where your diaphragm is.
  • Take a deep breath. Your diaphragm should expand, not contract.
  • Now release the air slowly by making an “s” sound. Try to release the air as slow as possible, until you run out of air.
  • Repeat the above steps a few times.

Set a practice schedule

It goes without saying that practice makes perfect. But the real question is, can you be consistent with your practice schedule?

Many singers give up before they even reach their full potential, while others only practice when they feel like it.

To be a great lead singer, you need to have discipline and set a schedule for yourself. Whether it’s twice a week, once every two days, or every day, make sure you follow the schedule set. Over time, you will find yourself better at singing, as you build up your muscle memory.

If you’re able to perform in front of an audience periodically, that would be extremely helpful to your growth as a singer too. Performing live is much, much different than singing alone, and being comfortable in front of an audience is crucial for becoming a great lead singer.

Build a great team

The truth is, you’re only as good as your team. So to become a great lead singer, you will need great instrumentalists and also great songwriters.

Try to find band members who have the same ambitions and goals as you do. If you share similarities in the music genre you like, terrific! However, nothing is more important than teamwork in a band.

Even if a musician is extremely talented, if he or she isn’t a team player, problems will arise. When that happens, both the individual growth and overall growth of the band will be hindered. Therefore, try to build a team with people who are willing to thrive and sacrifice for each other.

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