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How to Write a Love Song for Your Boyfriend?

Using songwriting to produce lyrics to show someone how much you love them is just one unique and beautiful way of using songwriting to your advantage, especially for your boyfriend. Songwriting can be done as a hobby or profession, but either way can have the same impact on yourself and everyone else.

Song lyrics can be an amazing way to express something or someone in all different genres and forms. Music on its own is known for changing lives in the emotional messages and power it can hold. There are some simple steps on how to go about this to create a piece about your boyfriend through the power of lyrics and music!

  1. Write About Something You Have in Common
  2. Trust Yourself and Be Confident
  3. Tell a Story
  4. Less is More
  5. Match Music to Your Lyrics

Write About Something You Have in Common

One way to begin this process is by choosing a sentimental location to brainstorm lyrics in. This can be where you first met, the location of your first date, or where you generally spend time together. Be sure to try different locations. Different locations can give you different surroundings and emotional reactions to memories of the specific area you are in.

If none of these are sparking any inspiration in any form, you can try to use a place that may remind you of them. This doesn’t have to be somewhere you both specifically go together, maybe somewhere they just go or somewhere that connects to their hobbies and passions. You never know what will work best.

Remember to always be open to brainstorm and keep in mind you may find lyrics in different locations that may not seem to match, but do not get rid of them. Keep everything you come up with in case you need it eventually or are able to change it to adapt to the other lyrics.

Trust Yourself and Be Confident

To continue this process you need to keep in mind to trust yourself and be confident. Try not to compare yourself to other artists and their music, be true to yourself developing and discovering your originality and uniqueness as an artist.

When brainstorming please keep in mind not everything you write down is going to be used but it does not mean it was unsuccessful it may just have not fit that song. Try not to erase or delete anything, it is good to keep everything to be able to come back to it if needed. This will not only strengthen you as a songwriter but it may even give you lyrics that you don’t use now for future songs.

By being confident and taking charge of your music and what it means to you it has more success for impressing your boyfriend.

Tell a Story

If you listen to songs on the radio no song is just about emotion, the lyrics tell an important story. This can be literal or metaphorical depending on what message or story the songwriter wants to show throughout the song. When going through this process you might want to write down multiple short stories about who they are and why you love them.

From there you can look at these stories and pick out specific parts and mold them into your song. Although emotions are important to songs, it cannot be the only focus. By coming up with a strict storyline to go off of you will have an easier time to write the chorus and the events leading up to it while incorporating the emotions that came with that specific story.

Less is More

Unlike most things in songwriting and when starting out less is better. What this means is it is so much easier to rhyme and associate certain words compared to other complicated words that have a similar meaning.

Also, but starting out small, you will have an easier time grasping the overall direction and message of the song, especially for a beginner songwriter. Keep it small, simple, and convey the feelings for your boyfriend.

Match Music to Your Lyrics

When it comes to creating a melody that fits your lyrics it will be easiest to use an acoustic instrument or a piano. These are the most common for love songs, so it will be efficient to use them for yours. Once your instrument is chosen to continue your going to want to use a major key for creating the melody, as it gives a positive mood that you would want in a love song.

When coming up with the melody you have to think about how you want the song to flow, and also if your singing it how your voice will sound with a specific key. This can be very flexible to do given the number of options, you can pick one that suits your song and the voice the best. Higher notes usually associated with more emotional and vulnerable lyrics in the song.

Unfortunately, you cannot just randomly put this in. You have to find the proper notes to lead up to this high note change in the song. You will need to trust your judgment to know if this sounds strange, if it is just fix it and keep going!

The tempo is also something you have to keep in mind. Slow songs are going to have a much more decreased tempo than upbeat love songs. You can use metronomes to figure this out, which you can find online to use for reference.

If you’re having trouble you can look at songs you are familiar with for assistance and guidance. This can help you find some inspiration for what key to sing, just make sure you are not copying a published song or melody.


Writing a love song for your boyfriend is no easy task. It takes a lot of time, confidence, creativity, patience vulnerability, and most importantly trust in yourself.

The brainstorming in this is a process alone, so it may take you a while for an outcome you pleased with. Just remember to not become discouraged and have fun. You are writing this for your boyfriend and what they mean to you. This is something extremely vulnerable and beautiful that you are putting yourself out there with, remember that!

Even if you don’t like your song that much your boyfriend will. Taking the time to write your boyfriend a song shows how much you love them, and if they love you they will love anything you write for them.

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